dReSS CoDe 2022

Pre-ballet and mini Combo classes - Any pastel color leotard with pink tights, pink full sole ballet shoes, black tap shoes.

Ages 7 and up -

Ballet - Black leotard, pink tights, pink split sole ballet shoes.

Tap/Jazz/Lyrical - All black form fitting clothing you can move in, tank top, t-shirt, leotard are permitted with black pants. Tap shoes in black.  Jazz shoes in Tan or Black.  Lyrical half sole in tan.

It is essential to wear proper attire to allow flexibility and unrestricted move.  With the help of tight fitted clothing, dancers can do any movement without any problem.

About tights!
Dancers have a series of needs to be met.  For example, muscles work better when they are kept warm and tights help keep the heat in.  Tights keep the legs from being slippery with sweat.  They also cover up the crotch area in a tutu, especially when dancers are being lifted upside down with their legs in split, or when their extensions are extremely high.  

Furthermore, their chosen sport or art is designed for esthetic appreciation; line and design are of great importance.  In dance, we need to see intricate foot and leg movement. Tights can also be dyed for costumes in endless ways, allowing for variety while still exposing long ballet lines. Bulkier clothing would not only hide the movement but also get in the way of it's execution.

Trousers have too much material to allow for tight crossed positions of the leg and sometimes a foot can fasten in material at the knee.  Also the instructor cannot see if the leg is entirely straight in baggy pants.

Tights allow the entire leg line to be seen.


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